Sophie Turner educates her fans on racism with a comic strip!


For the past few weeks, Americans have been demonstrating against racism. Sophie Turner fights racial injustices on Instagram!

Following the death of George Floyd, several celebrities protest against racism. Sophie Turner has decided to educate her fans about racism with a comic strip!

George Floyd is unfortunately not the first black American to be killed as a result of racism. The list is long ! But the Americans hope, however, that he is the last!

And for good reason ! Since his death filmed live on social networks by a passerby, several movements like the Black Lives Matter have appeared.

A movement that celebrities support. This is precisely the case of Sophie Turner! The actress gives herself body and soul to fight against racism.

Not a day goes by without her posting important messages against racial inequality to her Instagram account.

Sophie Turner says it clearly: “Justice will be done when society reflects our beliefs that we are all equal. Until that is the case, there should be no peace. ”


The young woman therefore hopes to change mentalities! So this is the reason why she educated her fans about racism with a comic strip!

Indeed, the interpreter of Sansa Stark in the Game Of Thrones series spoke again about this subject. But this time, she did not speak! So she let a comic book do it!

Eh yes ! On this Saturday, June 13, Sophie Turner therefore published two drawings on her Instagram account. We then see two female characters who talk about racism.

A very explicit comic strip which therefore explains that racial inequalities are indeed present in 2020. According to Sophie Turner, it is time that it finally stops! Racism should therefore only be a bad memory!


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