Sophie Turner has a very amazing phobia!


Sophie Turner played for many years in Game of Thrones. The actress recently unveiled her biggest phobia and it’s rather strange!

Sophie Turner made herself known by playing in the Game of Thrones series. The actress has finished with the series and she has many projects in mind. Nevertheless, this does not prevent him from maintaining good relations with certain actors. Indeed, on the set of the series, she got along very well with Maisie Williams to the point of becoming best friends.

Since the end of Season 8 of Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner enjoys the depths of life. Indeed, she married recently in the South of France with Joe Jonas. The 23-year-old actress lives a real fairy tale alongside her husband and her fans will soon find her in Survive, a series. While waiting for the release of the episodes, the star confided on her biggest fear!

Sophie Turner remains rather discreet about her private life during the interviews. Nevertheless, there is little, the former interpreter of Sansa confided on his biggest fear. Something traumatized her when she was little. Since then, she is very careful and she has an irrational fear of manholes! “When I was very young, I was told to say ‘onions’ to turn things around, and now I really can not walk on a rack of disgust without being afraid and say the word ‘onions'”. she said in the show of Jimmy Kimmel.

This phobia seems completely new and Sophie Turner surprised her fans by revealing this. Nevertheless, the star is always careful not to walk on a sewer grate for fear of grazing the crack of panic! The young actress can still count on her husband to protect her from this small inconvenience.


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