Sophia Bush very nostalgic for trips to museums


Sophia Bush is nostalgic for times spent with her friends at the museum. She shares in story a moment at the museum which dates from 2019.

Because of covid-19, life is really different. Nowadays it is impossible to travel, to visit museums and even bookstores. Sophia Bush is very nostalgic for these moments with her friends. She comes back to it as a story and shares it with her community.

So she shares a story from one of her friends. Above, we see the three girls from last year taking pictures of themselves in front of a bright wall. From what we can see, it was last year at the Tate Museum in London. A very beautiful place.

Sophia Bush therefore writes on her story: “I remember! And I miss it. Museums, friends, giggles but also hugs! The young woman is nostalgic for this time when everything was simpler. But we will have to wait a bit to take advantage of it again.

But in her misfortune, there is good news for the actress. The election of Joe Biden as head of the United States. It must be said that the young woman was helping the candidate’s campaign. For weeks she encouraged her community to register and especially to vote.


So even if Sophia Bush is feeling a bit lonely at the moment, she can take comfort in this news. She also shares in story the following fake news from Donald Trump who still does not accept his defeat. She reports that on Twitter, what he said is being deleted because of the falsehood of his comments.

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So we will have to wait until January before seeing a real handover of power. And again, Donald Trump is trying to put everything in place so as not to walk away. Fortunately, it is a bit lost! Sophia Bush is delighted.


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