soon two new suspects in the death of Alex


In Plus Belle La Vie, some plots last longer than others. And it looks like the Alex Melmont murder case is not about to end.

Indeed, police officers are working hard on the investigation. And for good reason, the list of suspects continues to grow with the episodes.

Yes, the discoveries follow one after the other. First, Commander Patrick Debout will eventually be cleared.

Thus, the one who tries somehow to get his wife back will give a new alibi. The police finally cross his name off the list!

Then the noose tightened on the Fedala. Since Alison’s (Myra Tyllian) confession, law enforcement officials at Plus Belle La Vie have suspected that they wanted to kill Alex Melmont because of the organ trafficking.

However, Jean-Paul Boher and Xavier Revel cast doubt on Laetitia Belesta. She claims to have only had two sessions with the murdered psychologist. But is it the truth?


In any case, the showrunners of Plus Belle La Vie don’t want to monopolize the screen with the death of Alex. So, two new intrigues enter the scene.

First, Barbara meets love. Indeed, the chef of the Mistral falls head over heels in love with Chris. The problem ? He is married.

But at the same time, the young woman gets closer to Caesar. One thing led to another, the shareholder of GTS fell under his spell.

And icing on the cake, Chris’s wife will flirt with Caesar. Yes, it is a real love triangle in Plus Belle La Vie.

Another intrigue: a new family arrives in the neighborhood. An old friend of Roland will take refuge with Thomas and Gabriel with her two children. She’s running away from a violent husband!


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