Soobin and Hueningkai of TXT demonstrate their friendship


Soobin and Hueningkai of TXT demonstrate their friendship. This is how these two idols show their love and appreciation.

The boys of TXT have an incredible relationship, that more than friends , they seem brothers, the daily living makes them have an incredible chemistry and this is demonstrated by Huening Kai and Soobin.

Although these two idols have different characteristics, it seems that it is what makes them so united , in many occasions their interactions have become viral since they have a very nice friendship , there are many endearing moments of this pair that make everyone melt before the ‘ SooKai ‘

In videos and photos they look like they feel very comfortable with each other, hugging, they appreciate each other, they never miss the opportunity to be close or just make jokes, but there is a gesture by which the whole fandom of the group is particularly excited .

Recently it has become known that Huenin Kai wrote a poem to Soobin , which is titled ‘Goma’, something like ‘Gum’, referring to Soobin being his gum, because it is very sticky, it is always attached to him And his personality is lovely .

The poem says like this:

I sigh for my gum

Wherever I go

It follows me faithfully, it’s like a rabbit

It comes to me, it’s so sticky

Then, I start to think

Is my charm so strong?

Stay with me

You are my gum.