Soobin falls in love with MOA with his new look change


Soobin falls in love with MOA with his hot new makeover during a new episode of Music Bank. The TXT member surprised once again this Friday in his role as MC for one of the K-pop music shows, the idol of BigHit showed his new image during the broadcast and was positioned in a trend thanks to the various messages that MOA shared praising his black hair and new hairstyle.

Through social networks, MOA used the hashtag #FridayWithMCSoobin to show their support for the idol of TXT, Soobin heads Music Bank as MC, he is in charge of conducting interviews, group presentations and announcing the winner at the end of every broadcast and tonight was no exception, in addition to making MOA fall in love with his black hair and wearing an elegant suit.

The idol also decided on a new hairstyle that left his forehead exposed, one of the favorite looks of the fans, since K-pop singers usually wear their bangs down and hide this area of ​​their face, so that when they decide to lift their hair they look like someone else, they look much more handsome.

Soobin did not miss the opportunity to show off his makeover, not only during the program, the idol also shared some selfies through social networks, which surprised the fans who could not see Music Bank, he also decided to occupy colored pupils green that gave it a more serious and elegant look.

During the program, Soobin looked happy and assured that he had received his official identification as an employee. The black hair that caused MOA’s euphoria highlighted his features a lot, as it contrasts very well with his white skin and his lips, which looked adorably pink, without a doubt, he looked like a boy from a magazine cover.

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Apparently, his outfit was a kind of concept for a couple, because his MC partner also wore a suit, this Friday she was dressed elegantly in Music Bank, MOA dedicated several publications to Soobin’s black hair and shared various photos and videos.

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