Sony Xperia Play 2: alleged prototype appears in images


Gamer phones usually carry robust configurations, capable of playing advanced titles without choking. The player’s experience, in turn, can be improved with the use of peripherals dedicated to the activity. However, there was a time when companies bet on integrated solutions, and Sony, for example, had the Xperia Play, launched in 2011 – which was no more than its first generation.

The absence of new devices, in any case, does not mean that the company had ruled out plans to continue the device at first. This is what JerryYi, a collector of prototypes responsible for the recent dissemination of images of what would be a model of the Xperia Play 2, proves.


In a post on the XDA-Developers forum, JerryYi displays a device with a construction virtually identical to the original, featuring a D-Pad, a touchpad and buttons characteristic of the PlayStation, the brand’s official console. The sliding mechanism is also present, which would allow the user to “hide” the interface aimed at gambling. The top buttons were not left out.

Perhaps the most enigmatic part of the concept is the unpublished button marked with the 3D inscription, suggesting that the technology would be integrated into the smartphone. Unfortunately, this is an assumption that can never be confirmed.


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