Sony Xperia 5 Hardly Passed 2-Year Flagships at DxOmark


The mid-segment phone Xperia 5 announced by Sony in September was put into DxOMark tests. Having managed to get 95 points from the tests it entered, Xperia 5 managed to outperform the phones of the two generations ago, the Galaxy Note8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

One of the latest smartphones that Sony offers to the consumers, Xperia is a mid-segment device. The device, which was brought together with consumers as part of the IFA 2019 events held in September, comes with a 3-camera setup, which is all 12 MP resolution.

Xperia 5, Sony’s newest smartphone, competed with today’s popular smartphones in DxOmark’s camera tests. The Xperia 5, which cannot match the 2019 flagship, of course, managed to surpass the flagship iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note8, which were two generations ago.

DxOMark performs extremely detailed tests on the cameras of smartphones. As part of the tests, 1,600 photos were taken and more than 2 hours of video was recorded. After all these transactions, the DxOMark team gives an ultimate score for the tested smartphone, which is highly valued by technology enthusiasts.

Xperia 5’s DxOMark score
The DxOMark team generally scores 95 points for Sony’s mid-segment Xperia 5. The team gave the Xperia 5 photo capability 101 points and 83 points for video tests.

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 and iPhone 8 Plus were able to score 94 points from the DxOmark tests. Considering that these two devices are one of the most powerful devices of its era and Xperia 5 is a middle segment phone, we can say that the Xperia 5 is partially successful in terms of camera. Of course, the most accurate of this encounter will be the comparison of the Xperia 5 with today’s mid-segment phones.


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