Sony Wins Patent for Death Stranding Core Mechanics


Death Stranding is one of the most differentiated games you can find in the triple A segment, and Sony has moved to keep it that way. The PlayStation owner won a patent this week that grants Kojima’s gameplay mechanics that allow players to influence the terrain and build roads and community structures for their own use.

The patent text, in free translation, says: “the method to include cross-pollination in a first path using a means of communication between games through a plurality of virtual environments of a plurality of asynchronous gameplays of a plurality of players playing a video game “.

This is a very bureaucratic and generic way of describing the mechanics of Death Stranding where you can start a structure almost anywhere on the map and other players, playing at other times, will see that structure and be able to contribute to it, taking more resources to be completed or improving your level.

It’s a really very unique mechanic from Death Stranding and very interesting, in which the player sometimes finds a whole road in a path that before had nothing, and which can be savior in certain moments.

It’s a little hard to imagine how Sony intends to defend its patent going forward, but more importantly, we can take this move as a strong indication that the company is getting ready to produce a sequel to Death Stranding, or something. of the type.