Sony will own ten audiovisuals based on Playstation studies


Recently, it was announced that Sony Pictures is working on at least ten productions based on games originally released for PlayStation IPs. The information was confirmed by Tony Vinciquerra, the company’s CEO.

The projects consist of three films and seven series made for television. However, so far there are no more concrete details related to how these adaptations will be, besides where and when they will be launched.

Speaking to the international press, Vinciquerra pointed out that the public will see even more integrations of companies in the Sony conglomerate in the future.

According to what was published by the CNBC portal, based on a conversation with the CEO, there will be official releases in theaters over the next year. Vinciquerra stressed that the company is confident about the projects and believes that they will not suffer from the various restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

According to him, these great releases would be very attractive to game fans and would be able to take many people to theaters. Vinciquerra also mentioned the case of Uncharted, with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg in the cast.

“We have a program within the company called One Sony,” said the CEO of Sony during the interview with the portal. “We saw a lot of things happening around him, like, for example, the movie Uncharted, which we shot completely during the pandemic and will be released next year based on a Playstation game,” he added.

In the field of series, there is an adaptation for The Last of Us being developed by HBO. Supposedly, pre-production work for Twisted Metal has also started. However, there is little information available for each of these productions.

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