Sony Will Launch Uncharted 4 for PC Soon, Report Shows


Sony: Uncharted 4: Thief’s End is expected to be the next game initially developed for PlayStation consoles to come out on the PC. The information is contained in an official report of the Japanese company made to investors, based on the results of the Games & Network sector.

According to the document, Uncharted 4 and Days Gone were in the “more planned PC games” category, in a strategy to generate new fans for the company’s franchises and win over audiences in regions with little console penetration.

Days Gone hit PC stores this month and, for now, there is no official Sony announcement about the Naughty Dog game. The previous release in the same style was Horizon Zero Dawn, which the report itself confirms has been successful. Bloodborne, which is highly anticipated by the community, was not mentioned.

Expectations for the PS5

On the other hand, sales of PlayStation 5 still face difficulties, either due to high manufacturing costs or the shortage of chips that reduces inventory.

Still, Sony plans 2021 as the best second year in the life of a company console, as well as planning fiscal year 2022 as the best in PlayStation sales history.

In the same report, Sony confirms some strategies for the near future. They include giving more importance to the mobile device sector and exploring collaborations in more audiovisual sectors – such as the series of The Last of Us under development by HBO and the film from the Uncharted series itself.


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