Sony Will ‘Invest Heavily’ in Exclusives This Year

Sony: In a meeting held with investors on Wednesday (28), Sony revealed that it will invest heavily in the production of new games in 2021 and in the coming years, a measure that is valid for both internal studios and partner producers.

“We intend to continue investing in partnerships with third-party studios, in addition to investing aggressively in our internal studios”, revealed Hiroki Totoki, one of the executives of the Japanese company.

“We have plans to increase investment in development and other fronts in our in-house studios by approximately $ 183 million year on year, as well as to strengthen our game creation,” continued Totoki.

During the conversation, Totoki even mentioned clearly two examples of some of these actions for the near future: one of them is the case of the partnership signed with the studio of Jade Raymond that will result in a new property for PlayStation 5, in addition to also announce an unprecedented multiplayer game from the company founded by professionals who worked on Halo and Destiny.

And you, can you imagine what other projects might come around from Sony? Are you excited to see what’s on the way? Share your opinion with other Voxel readers in the space below for comments.



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