Sony wants to bring more privileges to the computer


The company talks about the strategies that will follow with PS5, which include acquiring new first party studios and bringing more exclusive games to PC.

One of the latest business reports presented by Sony has revealed some of the company’s plans for the near future, which include the acquisition of new studios and the arrival of even more exclusives to PC. The company assures in this report that first party games are especially important for the brand and that, therefore, they will continue to “invest and acquire studios with abundant creativity and cutting-edge technologies that help Sony Worldwide Studios grow”. They remember the purchase of Insomniac Games in 2020 (the creators of Spider-Man and Ratchet & Clank, among others), and also highlight the importance of third party games, who “play a very important role in the attractiveness of the PlayStation brand.” . From now on Sony will offer new forms of assistance, support and collaboration to other companies to achieve “the best possible environment to develop games.” Perhaps a sample of these new relationships with third parties are the temporary exclusives of PS5, which will feature a preview of the next two major releases from Bethesda: Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo.

More Sony exclusives coming to PC

The report also makes it clear that “Sony will continue to explore the expansion and arrival of its exclusive games on PC to promote growth and obtain greater profitability.” A strategy that sounds very similar to the one followed with Horizon Zero Dawn, which three years after its launch on consoles (it came out in 2017) and before the imminent arrival of its sequel to PS5, Horizon Forbidden West (2021), landed a few months ago. on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Everything is to “increase the user base, strengthen the IP of the brand and make PlayStation the platform of choice.”

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Finally, Sony also has a few words for PlayStation 5, which it says will be “a true new generation that will provide experiences and video games that were not possible before.” They want to maintain the momentum and brand position achieved with PS4 to make “a smooth transition” to the new platform, of which they consider key “the speed of your hard drive, the haptic technology of your controller and the 3D sound”. with those who hope to “further enhance the experience available on PS4.” And don’t panic for PlayStation VR lovers, as Sony adds that it “plans to provide content for a wide variety of genres and formats, including the interactive, unique and immersive adventures of virtual reality.” Hitman 3 is one of the first examples of this.


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