Sony wants gaming on PS5 to be as easy as ‘watching movies on Netflix’


We know that Sony will offer a much smoother and higher performance gaming experience on the PS5 with its new SSD technology. However, Sony places extra importance on having the PS5 as easy-to-use interface as its high-end hardware.

We already know that PlayStation 5 wants to offer gamers a fast and smooth gaming experience, but there may be more than that. Kotaku editor Jason Schreier explained that Sony is trying to make gaming on PS5 “as easy as watching movies on Netflix”.

“I heard interesting things about the PS5’s operating system. They make playing games on PS5 as easy as watching a movie on Netflix. They want to make players feel like they can install the game right away, and how much time they spend in the game,” Schreier shared in Resetera. said. So Sony wants those who want to play games on PS5 to open the console and resume the game right away.

The above image clarifies the words of Schreier. In the concept designed for the operating system of PS5, when you choose the game you want to play, you see a screen like the image. When you want to start the game, the registration points are on the left side and you can start quickly from anywhere. The time you spent in the game is just above the section with registration points. So the episodes in the games, the episodes of the Netflix series will be shown on the console’s interface screen separately. The only difference is that you cannot watch the final episode without watching the previous episodes of the series. (!)

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It is not certain that the PS5 interface will look like this, but Sony is trying to get you to switch games quickly. A new patent that shows up shows that the PS5 will have a Quick Resume feature on the Xbox Series X. It is also said that the console manufacturer plans to place as much information about games as possible on the home screen. With the speed and accessibility features it brings to PS5, Sony can make gaming as fast as watching TV in a streaming service.


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