Sony wanted to charge over $ 70 for games


A new article published by Bloomberg shows that Sony considered further increasing the price of video games on the new generation of consoles before accepting the new standard value of $ 70 for its main releases. Insider Nibel replied the information on his Twitter:


“According to a new Bloomberg article, sony originally planned to sell its games for more than $ 70,” he said. It is worth remembering that since the end of the 1980s the games had a fixed price of 60 dollars, something that has been maintained since Nintendinho until the Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Now, many producers are considering raising the price as the cost of producing the games has increased dramatically over the years. In the report, it is said that Sony wanted to standardize an even higher value on games, but the executives who said so preferred to remain anonymous to protect themselves.

With the price increase of games abroad and the dollar in constant high quotation, games have also become more expensive here in Brazil, reaching R $ 350. Do you think this price is too high for launches, or did you accept the changes ? Comment below!

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