Sony Updated PlayStation 5 Page on Official Site


Sony has updated the official page of PlayStation 5 and has reconfirmed the release date of the next generation console. The console manufacturer also emphasized the prominent features of the new generation hardware.

After the system architect Mark Cerny announced the technical specifications of PlayStation 5 in a broadcast by PlayStation last week, Sony updated the official PS5 website and once again confirmed that the next generation console will arrive at the end of the year.

It was recently talked that PS5 and Xbox Series X may be delayed due to supply chain issues caused by the coronavirus epidemic. However, with the new update, the console manufacturer again stated that the PS5 will arrive in the 2020 holiday period (November-December).

Sony highlighted the prominent features of the next-generation console, in the new statement released on the PS5’s page, saying:
“We have begun to announce more about the technical and hardware components that make PlayStation 5 such an innovative and powerful platform: ultra high speed SSD, integrated custom I / O system, dedicated AMD GPU with ray tracing, and extremely impressive 3D sound. PS5 With these features, it will enable developers to maximize their creativity, create vast worlds and offer new gaming experiences in the games they design. ”

In addition to the description on the PS5 page, there is also a section where users can register on the site to be informed about new updates. You can reach Sony’s official PS5 page here.

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