Sony Unveils 8K VR Glasses That Promises to Reduce Seasickness


Sony: This Tuesday (7), Sony held the Sony Technology Day online event, in order to demonstrate the new technologies that are being developed by the company. One of the novelties presented was the prototype of a new virtual reality glasses with quality up to 8K.

To create a high-quality visual experience, Sony has developed a device with two small 4K monitors that together can provide 8K visuals. The company’s idea is to offer a device with low latency technology to create a more realistic and comfortable experience.

Less nausea, more fun!

One of the great problems of current virtual reality technology is motion sickness, a condition that causes nausea in many situations, including when using VR glasses. In other words, if Sony manages to balance image quality with low latency, it is possible that fewer people will be affected by the condition while using the virtual reality device.

The new device still doesn’t have a name, but Sony has already revealed some technical features. As revealed by the company, high image quality is achieved through multi-pixel technology and image miniaturization on the OLED screen. Now, processing time has been reduced to lower all system latency — so users will be able to experience high-definition virtual reality in real time.

“Our goal is to get smaller, lighter, very high resolution head-mounted monitors and create spaces for people to interact on the network. Ultimately, we’d like to create a surprising sense of immersion for remote collaboration and sharing,” said Kei Kimura of Sony’s Research and Development Center.

According to Sony, the headset will be developed with more pixels on OLED microdisplays and, thus, it should provide more details on the contents. Also, the low latency will allow users to view content with higher quality, as it will be possible to move freely without feeling dizzy or nauseated.

The company intends to use the new eyewear in medical, industrial and, of course, entertainment for VR enthusiasts.