Sony Sued For Digital Games ‘Monopoly’ on PS Store


Sony is being sued in the United States for “monopolizing” the sale of digital games on the PlayStation Store. According to the legal action registered in San Francisco, the company is not giving choices to the consumer, especially to the owners of the PS5 Digital Edition, which does not accept disk games.

Since 2019, Sony has not distributed digital game codes to retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy. Thus, if the user opts for digital media on PS4 or PS5, the only way to purchase the product is through the store available on the brand’s consoles.

According to the lawsuit, the sale of digital games only on the PlayStation Store sets up a monopoly and allows Sony to charge the prices it wants on the platform. The documents also point out that the games sold digitally by the company are more expensive than the physical media.

The lawsuit says that some digital games are as much as 175% more expensive than physical editions, even if distribution costs less. Before reaching the consumer, the disk copies go through media manufacturing and different stages of logistics and transportation, which is not the case with the digital version.

So far, Sony has not officially commented on the matter. While the process can make a difference for all PS4 and PS5 users, the legal action is especially interesting for anyone who owns a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition.

Launched last year, the PS5 Digital Edition is the first Sony console to exclusively run games on digital media. The console hit the market at a lower price than the PlayStation 5 version with support for physical media, but the player is limited to the prices that are practiced in the PlayStation Store.


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