Sony Stopped Selling This Camera Due To Chip Shortage!


The problem of chip production, which affected the whole world, also put the Sony front into trouble. The Japanese company will no longer manufacture this camera.

Sony’s interchangeable lens vlog camera ZV-E10, which has an important place in the market, will no longer be produced. The problem of chip production, which affects the whole world, also causes problems on the Sony front. Production of the ZV-E10 was halted indefinitely until the chip production rate was restored.

Sony pulls devices from the market one by one

The problem of chip production, which affects the whole world, continues to negatively affect many sectors. The problem, which has put the smartphones, cars and camera market in a very difficult process, has now prevented the production of Sony’s highly acclaimed cameras.

According to the news from Digital Photography Review, the Japanese technology giant stopped the production of the vlog camera named ZV-E10, which has a very good place in the market. The ZV-E10, which was released last August and is famous for revealing details in close-ups with the marko lens, will be withdrawn from sale for an indefinite period.

The famous Japanese company, in its statement, stated that the withdrawal of the device was due to difficulties in chip production. Moreover, the ZV-E10 is not the first device Sony has had to pull from the market.

Last month, Sony had to stop selling the ECM-B1M shotgun microphone and PXW-Z190 camcorder, as well as the A7 II, A6400 and A1600 series cameras. Similarly, in an official statement in April, the company stated that it had suspended sales of the Handycam HDR-CX680 video camera.

Currently, Sony cannot manufacture any of its A9 series cameras. Many outlets where the device is available have updated the status of the products as no longer available. The limited number of cameras Sony can produce also gives the company a hard time due to delays in shipments and delivery times longer than expected. This chip production shortage in the industry is expected to last until the end of 2022.

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