Sony Stopped Losing Money Selling PS5 Version With Disk


Sony: Those who follow the video game market know that it is common that, at the beginning of each new console’s life, producers market their hardware accepting a loss of money on each unit sold, a necessary sacrifice to make the price of the device more attractive and build a good installed base.

In an investor meeting held today (4) by Sony, CFO Hiroki Totoki celebrated the fact that the more expensive version of the system, sold for $499, no longer causes this loss of money, and that the digital version of 399 dollars strides to achieve the same feat!

That wasn’t the only good news for the company, which also reconfirmed to its investors that it has already surpassed the 10.1 million PlayStation 5 sold mark, in addition to an incredible 116.4 million PlayStation 4 consoles.

Another cool news was knowing that the producer signed the necessary agreements to ensure that PS5 manufacturing components, which are in short supply, arrive in time to meet the current fiscal year’s targets, which revolve around reaching 15 million PS5’s sold. .

This could mean that the console’s worldwide out-of-stock issues are nearing an end! What did you think of this news revealed by Sony? Already managed to buy your PS5? Let us know in the comments below!


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