Sony Slash McDonald’s Australia On Sale With Themed Control


Sony: In recent days, the chain has received the news that McDonald’s Australia would make a promotion in order to offer themed PlayStation 5 controls. However, the fast-food chain brand was prohibited from proceeding with this action that would be part of his 50th birthday in the kangaroo country.

As you can see in the image in this news, the control in question would have the colors red and yellow highlighted, in addition to bringing the McDonald’s logo, a fries and a hamburger in its carcass.

This abomination is real and is from Australia from gaming

With the word, McDonald’s

On the IGN website, the McDonald’s team pointed out that the image in question was just a concept that should never have come to the attention of the press, given that this was something the restaurant chain would still evaluate with Sony – but, for seen, the plans have already gone down the drain.

Finally, it was also said that McDonald’s and Sony do not have any kind of commercial partnership, which can be seen as bad news for those who were already thinking of acquiring the model to expand their collection of controls.


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