Sony to Show PlayStation 5 UI Soon


Sony did not show the interface of the PlayStation 5 to gamers, although it showed many details, including design, in the event it held last week. PlayStation manager Matt MacLaurin said in a reply to a question about PlayStation 5 that Sony will show the interface soon.

New information about PlayStation 5, which was introduced at the event organized by Sony last week, continues to emerge. In the event, we only briefly saw the splash screen regarding PlayStation 5’s user interface. Sony did not show the rest of the game console interface at the event. However, new information shows that we will see the interface of PlayStation 5 soon.

Answering questions about PlayStation 5 on LinkedIn, PlayStation’s User Experience Design Vice President Matt MacLaurin said that the interface of PlayStation 5 will be 100 percent revised with some new concepts.

Saying that the PlayStation 5 interface will be different than expected, MacLaurin added that Sony will show the interface of the new game console soon, but it did not give a definite date.

Sony has been popular with the interface it has used on game consoles since the PSX era. For this reason, we can expect the interface of PlayStation 5 to be a stylish and user-friendly interface with improved functionality.

The interface of the PlayStation 4 was like this

Many PlayStation users expect the speed of transition between pages to increase in the interface of PlayStation 5. It would not be wrong to think that Sony is working on this problem first, since it has been reported by many people that the occasional lags occur in the menu of PlayStation 4.

As we said above, the interface of PlayStation 5 was revealed with the explanation of PlayStation manager Matt MacLaurin. Considering that PlayStation 5 is only a few months away, we can guess that we will not wait too long.


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