Sony Shares Design of Brand New Virtual Reality Set PSVR2 for the First Time


Sony shared the design of the PlayStation VR2 virtual reality glasses, which it introduced in February of last year, today. The virtual reality glasses, whose controllers were previously introduced, will have the same theme design as PlayStation 5.
Nowadays, when virtual reality technology is a new trend with the talk of the future of the metaverse, Sony showed the design of the highly anticipated new virtual reality glasses. The design of the virtual reality glasses, which was first introduced in February of 2021 and whose controllers were announced in March, has not been shared so far.

The new virtual reality glasses, which Sony will launch with the name ‘PlayStation VR2’, hosts a design that combines opaque black and white and soft edges, just like we saw on PlayStation 5. Although the glasses generally carry the original PS VR design, it also offers new improvements.

The console draws attention with its design and hardware:
One of the first improvements offered to users with PlayStation VR2 will be the lens adjustment button. However, the glasses will have a new ventilation design. Again, the same as the PlayStation 5 and DualSense controller, there will be a bubbly structure consisting of PlayStation logos on the glasses. Finally, the glasses will be ‘a little lighter’ than the previous glasses.

Sony PlayStation VR2 will be quite full in terms of hardware features. The set will offer haptic feedback, eye tracking, 4K HDR, 90/120 Hz frame rate support, 110-degree viewing angle and connection support to PlayStation 5 with just a single USB-C cable. Thanks to these features, Sony will now be able to compete directly with giant competitors such as Oculus Quest 2. It is not yet known whether the price of the device will be at an affordable level like the first model.