Sony sent some PS5 with blu-ray in the digital version box


The PS5 was released in two versions: one with a Blu-ray disc player and the other without it cheaper. On the internet, some consumers reported that they bought the digital version, without the reader, and inside the box they are receiving exactly the most expensive console, with input for discs.

In Brazil, the PlayStation 5 is sold for R $ 4,199 in the digital version, and R $ 4,699 in the version with disc player, that is, a difference of R $ 500 between the models. In the US, the PS5 Digital costs $ 399 and the version with blu-rays inputs $ 499.

Whoever was “lucky” to receive the version with reader, is not at all dissatisfied. On the contrary, they went to social networks to celebrate the achievement, since the console received is more expensive than the one purchased. In Brazil, so far, there are no reports of this “problem”. However, many consumers are struggling to find the console, which, due to good sales, is sold out at most official retailers.

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