Sony says it will not produce Vision-S electric car


One of Sony’s main attractions in the last two editions of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the Vision-S concept car will not be produced, at least for now, disappointing anyone waiting for the model to arrive on the streets. That’s what a Japanese brand spokesman said in an interview with Car and Driver last Friday (22).

“At the moment, we have no plans to mass produce or sell the vehicle. With mobility expected as a major megatrend in the future, we are exploring how Sony can make a significant contribution to the era of autonomous driving, ”he revealed to the publication.

Sony’s electric car, which had images of European road and track tests released recently (see below), increasing speculation about its mass production, is actually a platform for testing autonomous driving and innovative technologies for the PlayStation, according to the source.

“Through our strengths in imaging and detection, we intend to contribute to safety and reliability in autonomous driving, while offering a powerful experience, enjoying entertainment in the mobility space”, concluded the brand spokesperson , commenting on the company’s plans.

Technologies present in Vision-S

Since it was introduced a year ago, Sony’s autonomous car prototype has undergone some improvements. Now, it has 40 sensors (before there were 33) to monitor the internal and external parts, generating a 360 degree view. Of these, there are four LiDAR sensors, which use lasers to create 3D maps.

Another highlight is the vehicle’s audio system, called 360 Audio Reality, installed on all seat headrests, providing a totally immersive sound experience.

Currently, it has level 2 driver assistance, but Sony’s idea is to upgrade it to level 4, where the car travels alone most of the time, without the need for driver intervention.


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