Sony says free PS5 storage should be enough


In an interview with the Telegraph this Tuesday, 17, Jim Ryan, head of PlayStation, commented on the criticisms made of the storage available on PlayStation 5, saying that free space should not be a problem for consumers.

With approximately 667 GB of free space for games and media available at the launch of the PS5, some players began to rethink the purchase of the console, believing that the initial storage would not be able to support the AAA titles of the new generation. Knowing this, Jim Ryan commented on the company’s point of view, immediately trying to affirm that, in fact, the issue does not reflect a concrete problem for Sony or consumers.

“We are not hearing that,” he said, when asked about the complaints. “Obviously, we look at what happens when people unpack their PlayStations and start playing them. We believe that we will be fine. Obviously, we are able to closely monitor the use of the hard drive on the PS4 and everything we saw there indicates that we should be fine. ”

From the businessman’s speech, it is possible to see that, through the analysis of the PS4 HDs, it was possible to reach some conclusions about the conditions of use by the players. However, it is still difficult to determine how customer satisfaction will be in the medium and long term, and whether the trend is the arrival of new games that will occupy considerable sizes in free space.

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