Sony Says “Final Fantasy 16” will be “PS5 Exclusive for 6 Months”


Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intertrade was exclusive to the PS5 for six months before being released on PC.

According to Sony’s advertisement, Final Fantasy 16 will be launched as a six-month exclusive game for the PS5.

In a new advertisement for Sony’s DualSense wireless controllers (via VGC), a disclaimer under the Final Fantasy 16 footage states that the game will be “PS5 exclusive for six months.”

While developer Square Enix has yet to confirm which platforms Final Fantasy 16 will be available on at launch, Sony’s marketing suggests it will be released as a PS5 exclusive before it can appear on PC or Xbox platforms.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the studio’s latest Final Fantasy release, was released exclusively for PS4 in 2020. In 2021, the game was re-launched on the PS5, and just six months later it was released on the PC.

The marketing video also confirms that Final Fantasy 16 is “expected” to launch in the summer of 2023, after which chief executive Hiroshi Takai stated that as of last week the game is “95 percent complete”.

“We have banned anyone from adding new code in case of new bugs,” added Takai, who also confirmed that the release date of the game will be confirmed before the end of 2022.

However, Final Fantasy 16 has recently been criticized due to director Naoki Yoshida’s comments about diversity in the game.

Last week, Yoshida defended the lack of diversity in Final Fantasy 16, arguing that “the story we’re telling is fantasy, yes, but it also has its roots in reality.”

Because of this, Yoshida claims that the medieval European setting of Final Fantasy 16 limited the variety of the game.

“Due to the underlying geographical, technological and geopolitical limitations of this setting, Valistea will never be as diverse as, say, modern Earth or even Final Fantasy 14 (in which) there is a nation, a race, an entire planet. and the cultures are at his disposal,” Yoshida explained.

In October, Square Enix shared a video detailing Valistea’s politics and factions.

As for other gaming news, Riot Games has confirmed that it has censored the sexuality of its latest League of Legends champion in some regions.


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