Sony reverses PlayStation buttons in Japan after decades


During a weekend in which the first impressions of the PlayStation 5 were presented, Sony confirmed that the functions of the DualSense buttons will be standardized across the planet, ending more than two decades of the Japanese standard that used the “ball” for confirm and “X” to cancel.

On PlayStation 4, it was possible to map the control commands in the system menu, allowing the use of Eastern and Western configurations of “X” and “ball” functions according to preferences. So far, developers of the new console have not confirmed whether reconfiguration options will be available.

Unfortunately, the announcement does not seem to have pleased some people, who believe that the decision will hinder the transition between the user interface and the games, as was the case with John Ricciardi, co-founder of 8-4.

The PlayStation 5 will launch on November 12 in the United States and selected countries, arriving in Brazil and the rest of the planet on November 19.

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