Sony Reveals Why PlayStation 5 Is ‘Too Big’


Yasuhiro Otori, General Manager of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) Mechanical Design Department, explained why the PlayStation 5 is so big. According to the statement, Sony opted for a single-fan cooling system that required an enlargement of the PS5 instead of a dual fan cooling system to cut costs.

It is about a month before the PlayStation 5, which will form one of the two fronts of the next generation console wars, will meet with the players, and Sony continues to work with all its might to not lose the superiority to the Xbox Series X in the next generation.

It has been a while since we took the first look at the design of the PlayStation 5, and since then the answer to the most curious questions about the design of the device is “Why is PlayStation 5 so big?” The answer to this question was finally given by Yasuhiro Otori, General Manager of the Mechanical Design Department of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE).

According to the statement made by Otori, the reason why the PlayStation 5 is so big is that the device has a single fan that will cool both sides of the motherboard, which contains all components such as GPU, CPU and SSD. In short, Sony has forsaken a compact design for a better cooling system.

To make the PlayStation 5 smaller, the company also considered a cooling system with two separate fans that would cool both sides separately instead of using a single large fan, according to Otori. However, the use of two separate fans in the cooling system significantly increases production costs, which means the price of PlayStation 5 has increased.

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Game consoles get seriously hot when they have hardware powerful enough to run any game on the market. Therefore, the cooling system to be used is of great importance. Previously, a group of game publishers in Japan had the opportunity to test the PlayStation 5 and stated that the console was extremely quiet and there was no overheating problem.

However, PlayStation 5 has not yet met with new generation games that will use all the power of the device. When the next-generation games with 4K 60fps RTX support, which will be introduced in a few years, we will see better whether the PlayStation 5 really runs silently or has a heating problem.


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