Sony Reveals That Women Own 41% of PS4 and PS5


Sony: The number of women who own a PlayStation console has increased dramatically over the generations! Responsible for only 18% of the sales of the PS1, today women already represent 41% of the consumers of the PlayStation 4 and PS5!

The information was released directly by Sony Interactive Entertainment itself in a presentation by its CEO Jim Ryan. In one of the charts revealed at his last investor meeting, Jim talked about the different demographics of PlayStation customers, and then showed this considerable growth in the women’s market over time.

Other interesting numbers revealed during the event indicate that at least 5% of PS4 and PS5 owners are between 49 and 54 years old and have been loyal to the brand since PS1! Another 5% are between 43 and 48 years old, and an impressive 10% of players are currently between 37 and 42 years old.

With a more varied demographic than ever coupled with strong brand loyalty, Jim expects the PS5 to become “the greatest platform of all time”, which should be helped by “big releases in the near future” like Horizon Forbidden West.

What did you think of the numbers revealed by Sony? Have you secured your PS5 yet? Comment below!


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