Sony Responds To Fans Asking For The Amazing Spider-Man 3 With Andrew Garfield


Amazing Spider-Man 3: The producer and owner of the rights to Spider-Man in the cinema ensures that it listens to the fans and shares a new video clip starring Garfield. Spider-Man: No Way Home has marked a before and after in the superhero film genre, giving rise to uniting different sagas of the same character decades in between on the occasion of the opening of the multiverse and the possibilities that this entails. And it is that seeing the three cinematographic Spider-Man together has been the dream come true of many fans; fans who now want more. So much so, that after the return of Andrew Garfield in said crossover, a social media campaign was launched calling for The Amazing Spider-Man 3, in order to close the incomplete Amazing trilogy. Now, Sony has responded to fans with a curious message and a new video clip starring Andrew Garfield himself.

Sony, the hastags and The Amazing Peter #3

Thus, and despite the fact that Andrew Garfield has already recently acknowledged that there are no plans to resume his portrayal of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man saga, he also admits that from now on no one will believe him after the denial campaign. about his appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home for months, when rumors of his return alongside Tobey Maguire were more insistent than ever.

Be that as it may, Sony is aware of the situation and the wishes of the fans; That is why they have replied with the following tweet along with a video clip that pays tribute to the appearances of Andrew Garfield as the neighbor and friend Spider-Man: “The Amazing Peter #3. Yes, we have seen the hashtag. No, we decide what movies we make. We are only the communication team”, they joke from the official account.

We’ll see if Sony Pictures finally decides to give Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man a new chance now that they are fully involved in different Spideverse villain movies.