Sony Releases Use of SSD M.2 on PS5 in Beta Update


Sony confirmed this Thursday (29) the long-awaited PlayStation 5 storage expansion. For now limited to users of its newly created beta software program, the operation is made using a solid state drive (SSD). ) with M2 technology available on the market.

The use of internal SSD M.2 expansion feature will be enabled through a future PS5 system software update. However, not all M.2 SSDs can be used in this expansion. To know which models are supported, as well as how to insert the device into the expansion slot, you must follow the instructions posted on the PlayStation page at this link.

While it is currently possible to connect an external drive to the PlayStation 5 via USB, they can only be used to play PS4 games, not supporting PS5 games. External drives can, at most, store PS5 games that are not in use, so they can be copied to the console’s main SSD when playing.

How to install an M.2 SSD on PS5?

To be able to extend the PlayStation 5’s main SSD storage, and to be able to play normally, gamers should purchase an M.2 SSD drive with a speed of at least 5,500 MB/s and with a frame less than 22 mm wide and 11.25 mm tall. Installation must be done on the console’s existing SSD connector, which is inactivated at the factory.

In addition, players themselves will have to connect a suitable cooling structure, such as a heatsink, to the drive. Finally, Sony cautions that “it cannot guarantee that all SSD M.2 devices that meet the described specifications will work with your console, and assumes no responsibility for the selection, performance or use of third-party products”.


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