Sony Releases First TV Commercial of PlayStation 5


The first official TV commercial of PlayStation 5, prepared by PlayStation Hungary, appeared. The TV ad in question is a harbinger that the price will be announced soon and pre-orders will begin.

Japanese technology giant Sony officially introduced the next generation game console PlayStation 5 with its launch event about two months ago. At the event, we had the opportunity to see the games that the PlayStation 5 will debut, and we saw for the first time what kind of design the next generation console will come up with.

Although Sony indicates the end of 2020 as the date of the PlayStation 5 release, it has not yet made a statement about the official price of its new console. PlayStation 5; It is expected that two different price tags will be announced for the console, as it will come in two versions, the Digital Edition and the Standard Edition with disc drive.

The launch of TV commercials for PlayStation 5 indicates that it will soon be available for pre-order

While it is unknown when Sony will announce the price of the PlayStation 5, we can now sit back and watch the first PlayStation 5 TV commercial. Sharing information about the Chinese and Asian game market, Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad shared the first PS5 TV commercial produced by PlayStation Hungary.

The shared TV ad doesn’t show anything we don’t know about PlayStation 5. However, the fact that TV commercials are starting to air for PlayStation 5 is an indication that the console will soon be available for pre-order. As you can imagine, the start of pre-orders means the announcement of the price of the PlayStation 5.

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