Sony Releases A New Ad For PlayStation 5


A new ad has been published for PlayStation 5, the next generation console that Sony will launch before the end of this year. There is no information about the games that will be released to the console and the console.

Today, a new advertisement video for PlayStation 5, the company’s next generation console, was released on PlayStation’s official YouTube channel. According to Eric Lempel, the company’s Global Marketing Manager, the purpose of the advertisement was to evoke the feeling that players would get from the PlayStation 5 console.

The new ad, published under the title The Edge, does not show anything about the next generation console and new generation games, just like the first PlayStation 5 advertisement. However, Eric Lempel says that will change in the near future.

This week, new games will be introduced to PlayStation 5

“We want to excite you. We want to show you the way to a mysterious unknown. What you see here is what comes to the border and then goes beyond,” says Lempel.

Lempel also says that players will soon begin to see ready-to-play games within these campaigns. It looks like this will happen fairly soon. PlayStation 5 and the upcoming games will be presented to fans at the event on September 16. The event, which will last 40 minutes, will provide new information about the games that will be released at the console exit and after.

Lempel stated that the latest developments about new games from Worldwide Studios will be shared at the new event, which will be held in digital environment. Although Sony’s next-generation console will be released before the end of this year, there is still no official statement about the exact release date and price. Do you think Sony will announce the console’s release date and price at this event on September 16?

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