Sony registers new rear accessory patent for DualSense


In the middle of last year Sony registered an interesting patent for its controls, but only today has it been made public. According to the text and images recorded by the company, DualSense can receive some peripherals very similar to what we saw on the rear buttons of DualShock 4! Remember:

The idea of being able to program an accessory on the rear of the DualSense could make the joystick even more immersive, as it would allow the player to customize the functions of the buttons to ensure greater convenience during the game.

For now, there is still no official announcement by Sony, and its patent may never become a real product, but its existence suggests at least a little interest in investing in it by the company.

Would you like to see this patent become a real accessory for the new controller? What do you think of the features of DualSense? Comment below!


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