Sony Registers for Sunset Overdrive in The United States


Sony, A news that appeared on the network recently may take some people by surprise, as Sony registered for the Sunset Overdrive brand in the United States last April 26th.

Although there is still no official confirmation regarding the launch of the game for PlayStation 4 or even PlayStation 5, it is a fact that, until then, the title was a game available only for Microsoft, having appeared on the consoles. of the Xbox family and also on the PC.

It is worth mentioning that this change may have happened due to the fact that Sony acquired Insomniac Games in 2019, and since the producer itself owns the rights to the property, it was only a matter of time before this movement ended up happening.

Another point worth noting: this record is not an official confirmation regarding the launch of the game on Sony consoles, given that this type of action occurs naturally from time to time.

How about you, would you like to play Sunset Overdrive on the PlayStation family consoles? Share your opinion with other Voxel readers in the space below for comments.


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