Sony Registers ESports Betting System On PS5 And PS4


Sony: With eSports increasingly present in video games, Sony has patented its own system to monitor bets placed on games within the ecosystem of the PlayStation 5 and PS4. The registration was made in the U.S. in November 2019 and published on May 13, 2021.

Its documentation details the ways in which the odds would be calculated through the performance of a player or his team, allowing him to inject his money into better based bets in real time.

The money would circulate around various hypothetical scenarios such as guessing the approximate minute when one player would hit the other, or when he would lose a round, and the machine would watch the game in order to propose new scenarios to bet on at a steady pace.

It is worth remembering that recently Sony acquired EVO, the main fighting game tournament on the planet, in yet another clear sign of its interest in the field of eSports. However, Brazilian legislation and that of several other countries do not welcome the use of real money in betting, which can cause problems for the company, if it really invests in it.

Would you like to see a betting system on your PlayStation? What do you think of the growth of eSports? Comment below!


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