Sony Publishes Job Posting for VR Glasses


Japanese technology giant Sony, also present in the field of virtual reality games, has posted a new job advertisement. The company announced that it is looking for employees for the new generation virtual reality glasses in its new job advertisement.

Virtual reality games and virtual reality acting have still not been a mainstream entertainment tool. However, there are various companies working on both virtual reality hardware and game development for these hardware.

Sony, one of the biggest companies in the game world, is among the companies that show up in the field of virtual reality gaming with its PlayStation VR. It seems that the Japan-based technology giant is developing another generation of VR glasses.

New virtual reality glasses from Sony
According to the news in IGN, Sony has posted a new job posting to develop a new generation of virtual reality glasses. However, the development of the new glasses will begin five years from now. In addition, the company that posted the job was Sony, not Sony Interactive Entertainment, which developed the PSVR glasses.

Although PlayStation VR 2 is still not announced, Sony continues to work on touch controllers and it is known that the PlayStation 5 will continue to support the original PlayStation VR model. So PlayStation has not given up virtual reality acting.

Of course, as we mentioned above, the announcement was not published by Sony Interactive Entertainment but directly by the Sony company. In addition, the 5-year time span points to the next generation of VR rather than console gaming. At the moment, we are just at the beginning of developments and at this point it is not possible to predict what Sony is planning or what the product will be like. Therefore, we will wait and see more detailed information.

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