Sony: PS5 4 million due to chip problems


[Updated]: Sony said in response to that Bloomberg’s statement is false. In a statement, the company said: “Although we do not provide production data, the information provided by Bloomberg is false. We have not changed the production number for the PlayStation 5 since mass production began.”

[Original]: Anyone following the news on the PlayStation 5 should remember that Sony had planned to produce 15 million units of the console. However, it appears that this initial lead has been reduced to 11 million due to a problem in the chip manufacturing.

The information in question appeared on the Bloomberg website, which cites sources linked to the development of the console. Apparently the Japanese company had anticipated because of the high demands at the end of the year and requested a large number of chips, but it seems that currently the number of processors is below 50% of the expected total.

As you can see in a sequence of messages posted by analyst Daniel Ahmad on his Twitter, Sony has plans to make PlayStation 5 production bigger than PS4 production, and that this is likely to happen sometime in 2021. He points out, however, that the initial demand for the new console will already be above that seen when the PlayStation 4 was launched.

Another detail mentioned is that Sony will use carriers to ensure that the consoles’ loading is satisfactory during the holiday season, and that production of the PlayStation 5 began in July this year.

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