Sony presents PS5 to first PS4 buyer


People like us, Joey Chiu, a Chinese born in the USA and with a Japanese name – as Twitter’s own description says – was the first in line to buy the PS4 seven years ago. As a way of thanking his devotion, Sony sent him a PS5 as a gift, as the boy could not do the same this time because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The lucky guy shared on his Twitter the treat that Sony sent him, along with a special message: “Joey Chiu, first in line for PS4, first in line for PS4 Pro. Patience is a virtue. This is for you”. Check out:

As a way to avoid crowds in physical store queues due to the pandemic, Sony made the decision to make the PS5 available only for sale online at authorized retailers; in Brazil it would be no different.

In addition, research on Reddit also shows that the community is eager to play the new Sony console and are even planning breaks on launch day to enjoy the game.

The PS5 was officially launched yesterday (12) in countries such as the United States and Japan. In Brazil, the console of the new generation from Sony arrives only on November 19, with a reduction of values ​​already applied.

Have you ever imagined getting such a gift from Sony?

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