Sony PlayStation Plus Collection Subscription


During the broadcast focused on PS5 news made today by Sony, the company brought a big surprise to its subscription services with the new PlayStation Plus Collection!

For now, there is still not much concrete information about this new version of Plus, which seems to have several famous PS4 games, now running on PS5 with download support already at the launch of the new video game!

Among the titles shown, we had brief images reminiscent of hits such as Bloodborne, Persona 5, Until Dawn, Detroit: Become Human and God of War. The information was replicated on Nibel’s twitter, with a new disclosure image:

In the fine print of the image, it is possible to note that “PlayStation Plus is a subscription service with recurring charges, see more details on PlayStation Store. The availability of Plus Collection games may vary by country.”

What did you think of this service? Is he coming to compete with Microsoft’s Game Pass? Were you happy with the possibility of playing great PS4 games on the new system? Comment below!

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