Sony PlayStation 5 will receive pre-orders by invitation


Sony has added a new step to its gradual steps to promote the PlayStation 5. The company opened an online registration page for its overseas customers. Thus, an invitation will be sent to those who want to pre-order directly in the PlayStation store for the console.

According to the announcement from the company, there will be a limited number of pre-order numbers for the PS5 consoles that will be available towards the end of the year. The invite program will also allow existing PlayStation customers to order before anyone else for the upcoming console.

Completing this registration form does not guarantee an invitation to pre-order the console, according to the information Sony provided on the Frequently Asked Pages page. It is stated that the invitations will be based on previous interests and PlayStation activities.

So even if a person receives an invitation, that doesn’t mean they can pre-order. Each invite will open a limited time window and only one console will be pre-ordered based on the PSN ID. It will also be possible to order two of the new DualSense controller and other PS5 accessories. In addition, an address in the USA is required where the PlayStation 5 will be delivered. Console pre-orders will also be limited to stocks. This means that the person receiving an invitation from Sony should be quick to take his hand.

The point that those who are considering buying PlayStation 5 are eagerly waiting for is the price and release date. Sony is still slow to disclose this information. Probably the biggest competitor Microsoft’s step is expected. In fact, we can say that both companies are looking out for each other.


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