Sony PlayStation 5 introduced


The launch of Sony PlayStation 5, which was postponed following the murder of black American George Floyd by the police, was launched in the USA in the past weeks.

  • The new generation of PlayStation 5 , was introduced evening.

According to the news of , the most striking detail among the features of PlayStation 5 was the use of AMD Zen 2 processor supporting 8-core 3.5 GHz speed.

On the graphics processor side, there is the RDNA 2 architecture developed by AMD. With 36 computing units at a frequency of 2.23 GHz, RDNA 2 reveals an impressive 10.28 teraflops for the PS5. Moreover, the PS5 also supports 8K resolution.

PlayStation 5 will be much faster than the previous generation. The internal storage unit will be 825 GB SSD, and the PS5 supports expandable memory with the NVMe SSD slot. It also has an extra USB port to allow external storage.

On the memory side, 16 GB GDDR6 / 256 Bit RAM is among the most powerful features of PlayStation 5. With these features, games and broadcasts will be a hundred times faster than the previous model. As an optical drive, 4K UHD Blu-ray drive is preferred.

On the new console, PS4 and PS4 Pro games will be playable with the old game mode. It was already known that there would be Ray Tracing support on the console, but the scope of use was unknown. This feature will be used not only for global lighting, but also for shading, sound and reflection purposes.

Dual Sense

Sony caught all the attention with the PlayStation 5 controller DualSense. It was announced that the controller, which the Share button changed to Create, was tested by many players with different hand sizes and the best ergonomics were achieved in this way.

Vibration levels will also be higher with DualSense. These vibration levels will change according to the scenes in the game. It was also explained that the angle was changed in the L2 and R2 keys. The reason for this is that these keys will respond according to the pressure.

How much will it cost?

The 2TB version of PlayStation 5, which appeared on Amazon in the past few days, came in at 599 pounds (5.165 TL). This amount, which is found quite a lot by users, has become a bit more reasonable with the price that Sony officially announced.