Sony Plans to Bring More PS4 Exclusive Games to PC


Sony, the manufacturer of PlayStation game consoles, announced that they are planning to bring more PS4 exclusive games to the PC. The company, which recently released the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn, wants to further increase its profitability with this move.

Japan-based technology giant Sony has done very successful business with the game console PlayStation. The company, which has made huge money with the sales of PlayStation 4, also continues to add fortune with games such as Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, The Last of Us series, Marvel’s Spiderman and Uncharted series that it developed exclusively for this console.

On the one hand, the company, which continues to work for PlayStation 5 without slowing down, has not released the games under the title of ‘PlayStation 4 Special Game’ on any other platform until now. However, we saw that this situation was reversed with Horizon Zero Dawn released for PC recently. According to the latest news, the company plans to bring more PS4 games to PC.

Sony has announced plans to bring more PS4 exclusive games to PC:

Sony said in its 2020 corporate report that it plans to bring more first-party PS4 games to PC in the coming periods. In the report, “We will examine expanding our first-party games to the PC platform to encourage further growth of our profitability.” In other words, moving PS4 exclusive games to PC can save Sony more money.

We’ve seen other PS4 games like Detroit: Become Human and Death Stranding released for the PC platform before, but it’s worth remembering that these games are not developed by PlayStation’s first-party studios.

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However, although Sony plans to bring more games to PC in the future, it is unlikely that the PC version of these games will be released at the same time as the PlayStation version. Instead, the company may release PC versions of games whose PlayStation version was released a long time ago and has now dropped in price on the PS side.

To give an example, Horizon Zero Dawn was a three-year-old game when it was released for PC. Therefore, when the Horizon Forbidden West is released, we can assume that it will remain exclusive to the PS5 for a long time, and the PC version will be released if the game is now outdated and priced.


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