Sony Planned To Bring PlayStation Now To Cell Phones, Documents Reveal


Sony: The legal battle between Epic and Apple continues to reveal information about the entire gaming industry through the leaking of legal documents involving the two giants. New for the time being Sony’s plans in 2017 to bring its PlayStation Now service to mobile devices.

Since the beginning of the availability of the service, which allows you to play a collection of PlayStation games for the value of a subscription, the idea has circulated that it would be possible to play on cell phones via the cloud as well. For some reason, that hasn’t happened so far, but the documents reveal that Sony’s plans at one point were just that.

The information comes from confidential Apple documents, which should only be seen by lawyers, but leaked onto the internet as usual. Apple apparently had the inside scoop in 2017 that Sony intended to bring PlayStation Now to mobile devices.

We don’t know why these plans have not gone ahead so far. They may have been canceled or are just on hold. PlayStation Now would bring hundreds of branded games to mobile phones, especially older ones like the PS3 or PS4. Another excerpt of the document says that right at launch there would be more than 450 PS3 games to access via the service on mobile devices.

One of the biggest resistances to bringing these services to cell phones is Apple itself. The company doesn’t make it easy to implement game library subscriptions on their iOS devices, which causes several other companies to join the fray to get their services or have to find creative ways to get around the limitation.

Sony seems to have a close relationship with Apple, so maybe it didn’t want to get into that fight either, or it has long been negotiating how it would work to bring PlayStaion Now to Apple cell phones.