Sony patent shows system where friends can tip on PS5


Sony filed several patents last year to protect its creations and features on the PS5. The last record recently discovered by the Scrubwiki portal seems to be quite interesting and consists of a system of tips and suggestions that players can leave within the game for their friends list.

Originally, the patent was registered on September 23, 2020, but has only now been discovered. In short, it suggests that players can leave tags with suggestions in the form of notes, photos and even audio at certain points within the games. These tags are intended to help you figure out how to face a boss or solve a complicated puzzle, for example.

Of course, it’s easy to imagine a scenario in which people use these tags to reveal unnecessary spoilers to friends, with Sony itself having previously registered an antispoiler patent.

However, the record suggests that you may not be able to place these tags wherever you want. The tags must be “contextually relevant”, stressing that they must be close to a specific puzzle or in the general area of ​​something that justifies the tip.

Although the patent may indicate that Sony is working on the functionality, it is good to note that nothing has been officially released so far. In some cases, patent registration is only necessary for the company to protect its creations.

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