Sony Opens a Game-Oriented Artificial Intelligence Department


Sony, which will launch PlayStation 5 in the coming years, has created much expectations with its next generation console. The company decided to open an artificial intelligence department focusing on developing new technologies in games, music and entertainment before launching its new console.

Japan-based technology giant Sony, especially with the PlayStation game console is well known and almost a lot of players in the life of a company. Sony, the manufacturer of PlayStation 5, which is expected to be released in the last quarter of next year, has managed to impress both fans and gamers with the exquisite features available in the next-generation game console.

While the company is preparing to launch the game console, which is much more powerful than the current generation of game consoles and which is highly demanding, it is pushing itself for some technological advances. In a press release published on Sony’s website today, It turned out that it would open an artificial intelligence department focusing on developing new technologies in the field of games, music and entertainment.

Sony wants to challenge giant companies in artificial intelligence
The reason for Sony’s efforts is currently thought to be the challenge of challenging companies that have developed and grown greatly in the field of artificial intelligence. Microsoft and Google are two companies that have proven themselves in the field of artificial intelligence, and these two companies have more advanced artificial intelligence and cloud gaming systems. Google Stadia, which has just been released, and Microsoft Project xCloud, which is still in the prototype phase, are examples of the work of Sony’s competitors.

Sony is planning to work in two separate offices for this department, which will make improvements in artificial intelligence. One of these offices will be opened in Japan and the other in the United States. Hiroaki Kitano, president and CEO of Sony Computer Science Laboratories, is said to be the pioneer of the research.

Sony’s new gaming console, PlayStation 5, has created a lot of expectations, but Sony still seems to be a bit inadequate. Although not all the details of the new generation game console are known, SSD technology, which has not been used before, will be used in PS5 and the console will have an AMD graphics card with beam tracking technology.


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