It seems that Sony Xperia 3 will arrive soon to be crowned as king of Sony’s portable technology.

There were rumors already underway, but it seems that this time the phone has been sighted in Geekbench, with a Snapdragon 865 inside (the same brain that will have Galaxy S11 and OnePlus 8) and 12 GB of RAM, that is, “a bad beast ”that should make Sony more visible on the scene.

It seems that there will be four different versions of the phone, all of them sighted under the serial number PM-1310, successor to the PM-122X, which ended up being the Xperia 1.

These four versions will respond to the different RAM and capacity configurations and possibly to the 5G variant of the phone, which should also be presented.

There is talk of a QHD screen, curves in both the front and the rear panel and the panoramic format that Sony already used in its Xperia 1. Here you have a render that has made its way in recent days for “interne”.

The highlight of the news is the configuration of cameras on the phone and see how, little by little, it seems that adding cameras is becoming a game that could be getting out of hand.

Sony Xperia 3 could have 6 rear cameras. One is already lost among so many lenses; but it seems that the Sony phone would have a main lens with a variable aperture of 48 MP, and then optical 20, 16, 12 and 8 megapixels, to be distributed between different focal lengths such as ‘wide angle’ and, we imagine, different ‘zooms’ ; to end with a 0.5 megapixel sensor used only to calculate distances; the famous Time Of Flight.

Now, the theme of the 6 cameras responds to a render created from the rumor of a new Xperia with Snapdragon 865, which could be true or a fun afternoon for someone who had nothing to do at home with their 3D software .

We hope to know more about this Xperia 3 (or Xperia 0) at the beginning of 2020. We will be aware to transmit what there is.


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