Sony Music Korea Has Signed an Exclusive Solo Contract With a Member of Monsta X I.M.


It is reported that Sony Music Korea has signed a solo contract with I.M, the youngest member of the male group Monsta X from Seoul.

Several South Korean media outlets have reported a deal between Sony Music Korea and I.M, who has made clear his plans to pursue a solo career by releasing an EP titled Duality in February 2021. A 26-year-old guy (full name Im Chang) -kyun) released Duality through Starship Kakao Entertainment, the label behind every Korean Monsta X album.

However, about 18 months after Duality became available to fans, I.M announced in August of this year that he, unlike his Monsta X teammates, had not signed a new contract with Starship. But Starship in the official release made it clear that I.M will continue to participate in the projects of the seven-year group.

Taking into account these important details, regional publications, including the Korea Herald, reported on the I.M agreement with Sony Music Korea.

Although the specifics of the contract, such as the first album in the framework of cooperation, are unclear, it is worth following the commercial results of I.M. projects moving forward. “God Damn”, the English-language opening track on Duality, has currently gained about 16 million listens on Spotify.

More broadly, I.M is not the only member of a k—pop group who is hunting for solo success, as the BTS members are also working on making an impression on their own.
A month ago, Hybe officially confirmed that the seven members of BTS — Jin, Suga, V, RM, J-Hope, Jimin and Jungkook — are “looking forward to reuniting the group around 2025,” after completing mandatory military service. appeals. The professionals who created “Butter” announced for the first time their desire to lead solo projects in the summer.

According to reports, Geffen Records from Universal Music quickly became a leader in releasing some of these solo projects, and Jin released a track called “The Astronaut” (co-written with Coldplay and Kygo) to close out October.

Meanwhile, Suga appeared in Psy’s “That That” in early 2022, Jungkook was featured in Charlie Puth’s “Left and Right”, Wee was part of the cast in Hybe’s “In the Soop: Friendcation”, and Jimin released the single “With You”. for a South Korean TV show. J-Hope released his first studio album in July, and RM is ready to debut his own solo album next month.

Considering the huge number of K-pop fans, who are obviously enough to support all musicians starting a solo career, in conclusion, it should be mentioned that the “KPop and Korean Entertainment ETF” was launched back in September.


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