Sony mirrorless A7C features leaked


Sony, which wants to have more say in the mirrorless camera market, continues meticulously with the development processes of its new models. The features of the Sony mirrorless A7C model, which is expected to be released, have been leaked.

Sony A7C features leaked

Based on information leaked by Sony Alpha Rumors, Sony will launch a new range of Full Frame mirrorless products. The first model of the series is expected to be introduced in September.

The C-series super-compact models, which will start with the A7C, will be launched with the new V-series compact lenses. It is not yet known which series the V series compact lenses will be compatible with.

It is among the claims that the A7C model will come with a body similar to the compact APS-C mirrorless series. The device will come with a 24.2 Megapixel Full Frame sensor found in the Sony A7 III model. In addition, it is said that the device, which will appear with the movable LCD in the Sony A7 III, will come with the electronic viewfinder in the compact Cyber-shot RX100.

The model, which will come with 1 SD card slot, USB-C charging over the camera and Wi-Fi, will also have a built-in microphone and headphone jack.

The new model is expected to be released with a price tag of about $ 2,000.


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